We have been taking our daughter to Azam's daycare for a year now since she was six months old. We are very lucky that Azam is walking distance from our home and are happy that we found her. She is extremely dedicated to the kids going above and beyond what most providers would do. When you go to Azam's you keep a few extra pairs of clothes for your child there for any mess accidents and give her diapers, wipes, toothbrush (for training), and milk (breastmilk or formula depending on what you are feeding your child). But you don't need to bring any meals for solid food! a huge timesaver for parents. Azam cooks fresh, homemade, healthy, organic meals and snacks and very little of the snacks are processed foods. She actually made the solid foods introduction for my daughter easier and I knew I didn't need to worry about my daughter trying foods. I just asked Azam not to feed any major allergens so that I could try those at home myself.There are times Azam gives us leftovers of the food she cooks or snacks she made and it's all delicious so I know firsthand her food tastes good and I feel at peace knowing my daughter is eating good meals. Her home is impeccably clean and she is diligent about keeping the kids clean. If they are an infant and have poop blowouts she will give them a bath and change their clothes immediately. Once i awhile we get clothes mixed up from other kids or something or Azam even gifts clothes. It can get confusing but is not a big deal. I just try to put name label stickers on all my daughter's clothes so that they do not get mixed up. Azam is really good with allowing the kids play time in the playground at her house or inside being able to sing, dance, do crafts, play with toys but she also balances that with discipline like making sure the kids say please, thank you, sorry, etc. My daughter says thank you after everything and I know it's because of Azam. Azam also believes in early potty introduction and training, which I LOVE but i know not everyone has the same view. I think it's great to get early introduction and practice and I already see my daughter making some progress just at 18mo. My daughter also knows some of the ABCs because they practice it a lot. I also love that she sends do many photos and videos of the kids during each day. I think there has sometimes been confusion with language barriers, lack of clarity on school closings during snow storms (she typically follows government/county closings but there have sometimes been exceptions and it's confusing), and there have been times where she has requested earlier pick ups from parents either one day before or same day. I have expressed that whenever possible parents would appreciate more advance notice since every person's job is different; some jobs allow more flexibility than others and everyone is in different locations as well. Overall though I am happy that my daughter is under Azam's care and that she has an intimate group of friends in the neighborhood to be around each day. I also really enjoy the helpers that work with Azam - they are so nice and caring!

    Monica S

    Azam Kamali is such a wonderful provider for the children. The daycare is very clean and organized. She enjoys teaching some educational activities and lessons to the kids. She also loves to play with the kids every day. Azam provides for the needs and wants of the kids. The food that she gives to the children is very healthy and delicious. Education, good behavior, and good health are very important to her.


      Here was my daughter’s first daycare. I was looking for a reliable place for a while and finally I found this. I can tell you that Azam’s family daycare is the cleanest daycare in our neighborhood. She takes excellent care of kids entertainment, education, and nutrition. She has also built a nice brand-new playground as well. I highly recommend this place for kids in any ages.


        We found Azam during quarantine and have been very happy with her caring for our two daughters. She takes a lot of pride in her work and loves the kids very much. Her house is very clean and she teaches the kids about good hygiene. She cooks very healthy and delicious meals for all the kids. They do lots of activities ranging from education to outdoor adventure. She also helped potty train our eldest, which was a huge help! We are grateful for Azam’s care of our kids.

          Mel J P

          Elleanor has been going to Azam's daycare since she was 6 months as a part-time and now she's turning 2 very soon. As Elleanor is learning to speak, Azam has taken extra care to ensure that Elleanor learns her ABCs and most importantly, how to use the restroom (at 23 months!). This would be a huge help for me as I am expecting my second child in a few months. Azam has created a loving and educational setting where children receive personalized care. The children at Azam's daycare are well mannered while having a great time learning how to share and care for one another. It makes me happy to see that Elleanor is in good hands learning the fundamental skills to achieve success in life. Azam truly cares for the children's well-being as well as their families.

            Elleanor’s Mom

            We love Azam. Our son has been with her since he was 6 weeks old and is now 16 months. We are moving out of the area and unfortunately, have to leave her care, but our experience with her has been very positive. Our son is always excited to see her in the morning and has been taught some great manners. Small things but he covers his mouth when he coughs, tucks his chair in after he finishes eating and is helpful with putting his toys away. She has even put him on the potty beginning at 12 months to help his training later on. She has a great setup for her kids, with downstairs play area and fenced in yard, and clearly cares deeply about them. There have been small challenges, but I have appreciated that she has addressed any communication issues directly and professionally. She is full of energy which is great with the children but just means that is what you deal with as a parent as well. For us, it worked great and she has grown to be someone we trust as we know or son is being taken care of.


              Azam’s lovely daycare is an excellent family daycare. The place is beautiful and clean. The yard and play area are amazing and the best I’ve seen. My children absolutely loved it and appreciated Azam’s invitation to let them play there before going home and on the weekend. After seeing the food in my children’s former daycare, I loved that Azam cooked fresh and healthy food daily. She even cleans their clothes and you don’t have to think about bringing a change of clothes regularly. I was also impressed of how fast they got the basics of reading and writing and good manners. Azam is very big on potty training and good eating and plying habits. She is very committed to the children she cares for and her daycare is a perfect option, particularly for kids younger than three, although my 4 year-old son enjoyed going there during the pandemic and with extra help from Azam, he was able to keep up with math and language skills.


                I can say that Azam is very passionate about education, loving kids, and caring provider. As the other reviews say, 1. She cooks by herself for kids. She is doing her best shot for providing every meal with high-quality and balanced nutrition foods for kids. It is so thankful that it is the first step for well-being development for kids. 2. She is very serious about hygiene. She regularly cleans the whole facility with a steam-cleaner, and she does laundry for kids by herself. And after outside activities, she cleans all kids; even she takes all kids shower sometimes. It is not easy work, but she does it with gladly. 3. She is also very serious about education and discipline. Sometimes I feel it is too much for a 1-year-old baby, but it is a significant thing if you consider education, especially in the Montgomery county education situation. Also, she teaches how to follow the rule among kids and how to respect each other. Potty-training? I don't need to mention it. It is the basic option at Azam's daycare. Haha. And most of all, my child really enjoys being with her and friends at her daycare. I think it is the very reason I send my child to her. She loves kids with all her heart. My wife and I often talk that she does not need to do things, such as a birthday party with a cake that she makes by herself, a huge graduation party, or a Christmas party with big gifts for every kid. However, she does it with a joyful heart because she loves kids. I know that there is some difficult communication issue in English. Sometimes I don't understand what she is trying to say, but it would be a great chance to the cross-cultural barriers. She has her own culture and language. She tries to share her culture and word in her own language with some situations, and I share mine with her. And it helps me to understand her characters and her perspective about the way how she caring for kids. I do not say that I never have some communication issues. But it helps me and my child to have a relational sense to people with different cultures. Asking again and waiting for understanding each other would help you to get a chance of having wonderful daycare for your kids.


                  We have two children - 3 yrs old and 9 months at Azam's Daycare and I consider Azam as their second mother. She cares deeply for their well-being from health to education to table manners to playing well with others. My older child has learned the alphabet and to use the toilet before she was 2 yrs old! When their mother was away, Azam made sure they were bathed so that I didn't have to worry about washing them. And she even brought soup for our babies when they were sick. I could not ask for a better person to take care of them while we are at work. She comes highly recommended.


                    Azam is an amazing daycare provider. She genuinely cares for the children who attend her daycare and treats each child like he/she is her own. Her facility is beautiful - there are multiple rooms inside that are very clean and have many toys for the kids to play with as well as a small outside fenced-in play area with equipment for the kids to use. Azam really loves what she does, and her students really love her (my daughter says her name every time we pass by her house, and she's only 18 months old!) Azam's curriculum includes music, art, letter recognition and phonemic sounds, and number recognition, among other things. She also reinforces good table manners (wiping your mouth, saying please, thank you, and excuse me, sitting while eating, etc.) and behavior (hug time!) I particularly enjoyed how she took pictures and videos of our daughter playing throughout the day and texted them to me. In addition, her rates are very affordable for this area. I highly recommend Azam if you are looking for a caring home daycare provider for your child.

                      Tiffany T

                      I can honestly say, I would not take my kids anywhere else. We have been with Azam for about two years now and she has been extremely helpful to our family. As the above reviewer said she truly cares for the kid’s well-being as well as their families and that is hard to find. Azam always makes sure kids eat balanced meals; she teaches them valuable social skills and gives them plenty of activities and exercise. One other thing I would like to mention is that she potty- trained my son and I honestly don’t know how I would have done this if it weren’t for her due to our busy schedule. Pretty soon my two month old will start going to Azam and I am so grateful for that because one thing I don’t have to do is worry about my kids; because I know she will take care of them in the best way possible.

                        Sandra D

                        Azam Kamali Daycare has amazing and delicious food that is described to us via text and talked about by our children. She is also fabulous about sending pictures of your children if you have anxiety (or control issues) and like to see them during the day. The environment is very clean, educational, and full of bright colors. An added bonus is her dynamic and safe playground (in her side and backyard) which she allows the kids to use on the weekends if they so choose. Azam enforces potty training and cleanliness. We have yet the hear of our girls having accidents while there. Azam strongly believes in children living up to age appropriate expectations and milestones. The complexity of sentence structure and amount of new words used by our children have improved by leaps and bounds. They have learned so much in just a few short months. Very happy to be sending our children here.


                          This place is very clean and bright. The provider prepares educational programs everyday and she also prepares tasty and nutritious food too. She sends us a lot of photos everyday so we can know what our boys do there. We are very satisfied with the service. Highly recommended.


                            My three year old and one year old have gone to Azam’s for almost a year. We have been very satisfied. They are safe and well taken care of. Azam takes nutrition and education very seriously. She makes all of the food herself and the kids eat very little if any pre-packaged or processed foods at her house. She also practices education daily with the older kids (alphabet, letters, etc.). My three year old can recite and write the entire alphabet because of Azam. She is also extremely clean. Overall, we are very satisfied and would recommend Azam’s Lovely Family Daycare.

                              Amy S