10 Activities Kids Can Do During Christmas Vacation

Activities Kids Can Do During Christmas


With the time off from school and work, you probably have some strategies to pass the time. But what about your kids? If they’re at home with you during Christmas vacation, don’t let them be bored! I’ve found that these ten activities are great ways to keep them busy and entertained. 10 Activities Kids Can Do During Christmas Vacation list:

Play Outside

The winter months are the perfect time to get outside. The weather is often cold and windy, but you can still play in the snow with your family.

Playing outside will help your child stay active during this time of year when it’s too cold for most activities. Consider going sledding or skating with your child, or take them on a hike through beautiful scenery.

It’s also important to dress appropriately for playing outside in cold weather: kids should wear layers of clothing, including hats and gloves (with mittens inside), thick socks, snow pants or boots, sweaters/sweatshirts/hoodies (depending on age), and scarves or hats if needed!

The temperature may feel warmer because of the activity level—be sure everyone takes breaks every hour or so so they don’t become overheated while playing outside! You should also ensure everyone has warm drinks available at all times; hot cocoa is excellent during colder months!

Write a book

Kids can write a story about the holidays and their families. They can write a book about Santa Claus, the elves, or anything else that comes to mind.

Kids can write about their pets or pets they have seen in books and movies. Some ideas could be: writing about your pet cat, dog, fish, or even lizard!

Make crafts with recycled materials

Using recycled materials is the best way to get your kids moving this winter. You can make many creative things at home with recyclable items. You can use:

  • Old toys
  • Old magazines and newspapers
  • Scrap metal, pipes, and wires from the garage
  • Broken glass bottles and jars (and any other broken glass in the house) for a paper sculpture or jewelry project

Go to the mall

  • Go shopping.
  • Eat at a restaurant.
  • Go to the movies.
  • Go to the arcade.
  • Go to the food court and buy some snacks or lunch from one of the vendors there, then sit in front of an area where you can rest your feet and watch people walk by as you eat your food! If it’s cold outside, bring a blanket so that you can wrap up warmly while sitting on the ground eating your food!

This is especially fun with friends because everyone can share their different meals – just make sure not everyone gets hungry at once! It’s also nice when someone else buys everyone something they want while they wait around for others who may still be getting ready before heading out (or their parents/guardians).

You might even want to consider bringing along some extra change so that if any kid wants something but doesn’t have enough money left over after buying their snacks/drinks during this period; just give them five bucks or whatever amount works best for both parties involved – don’t worry about keeping track either since: 

1.) We’re all friends here, so trust me when I say these things usually work themselves out without having too much confusion about what happened later down the road anyway 😉 2.) It’s Christmas time – give generously 🙂

3) Nobody cares about keeping track anymore because, at this point, we’ve all grown up enough where none of us care anymore…but maybe if they do, then go ahead “track” anyway! 😀

4.) If ever there was ever any doubt whether someone could afford something right now, though…maybe just don’t give them anything extra until next time instead–just saying 🙂 5.) Don’t forget about other stores like Petco/PetSmart too!”


There’s nothing like spending time in the kitchen with your family. Baking is an excellent activity for kids of all ages, and you can always find new recipes online to try. Bake cookies, cakes, or other treats and give them to family members or friends as gifts.

Decorate your home

Decorate your home with lights, garlands, and ornaments.

  • Put up Christmas lights on your house and trees in the yard.
  • Decorate with garlands around doorways, windowsills, and staircases.
  • Hang ornaments from the ceiling on the fishing line so they appear to float in mid-air.
  • Make a wreath out of pine cones and fresh herbs such as rosemary or bay leave to hang over the front door. If you want something more basic but still festive, try using just red berries (such as holly berries) instead of pinecones for this project:

Play dress up

  • Play dress up.
  • This activity can be done indoors or outside, depending on the weather. If you have little ones who love playing dress-up, they’ll have fun running around as a superhero or princess. Older kids might like to give their dolls and stuffed animals a new look.

You can make this even more fun by having your older children use accessories you already have at home (scarves, hats) or by going shopping together for some new things that they can add to their collections of clothes and toys.

Play a board game

It doesn’t matter if you’re a kid or an adult. Playing board games is a fantastic way to spend time with family. Kids can learn social skills, math, and science while practicing reading skills.

It’s also an excellent way for your child to prepare for the future because they will be able to make decisions to advance toward their goal.

While there are many different types of board games, we have selected some that have been rated as the best by children and adults alike!

  • Board Games For Children
  • Bunco (ages 6+)
  • This game is specifically designed for children between 6-12 years old who want to practice their math skills through dice rolling with numbers ranging from 1-12! This game promotes conversation amongst players and helps them improve their coordination skills too! You’ll need at least three people, but it’s much more fun when you play against others too, so try inviting some friends over before playing this one 🙂

Go to the fair

  • What is a fair?

A fair is an event held in a town or city where people get together to enjoy rides, games, food, and other fun things. Fairs usually happen during holidays like Christmas and Halloween. Each fair has different events, such as horse races or car shows.

  • What are the different types of fairs?

There are many types of fairs that you can go to with your friends and family during the winter break from school. You could visit an agricultural exhibition if you live near one! Or maybe you’d rather ride on Space Mountain at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom theme park (in Florida).

If none of these options appeal to you, then there’s always another option: going out somewhere nice with someone special – maybe even someone who lives across town!

Read books and comics together

Read books and comics together. Reading is a great way to bond with your kids, and there’s no need to stick to one type of book or comic. Get them interested in reading comics from their childhoods by reading them aloud, or pick up a book that you were particularly fond of as a kid.

You can also read the same books in tandem, then talk about what you think about the stories afterward—it’ll be like having your little book club!

You can even try taking turns reading chapters aloud so both of you get a chance to enjoy the story together.

Don’t let your kids be bored during vacation. Get them into these activities and they will have fun!

Don’t let your kids be bored during vacation. Get them into these activities, and they will have fun!

  • Activities: The most important thing to consider is that you need to get your kids engaged in activities that will keep them busy. Safety should always be your utmost concern, so make sure that whatever activity you choose is safe for your child to participate in. If there are any risks involved, then refrain from doing it until their older or more experienced enough to take on the challenge.
  • Treats: You also want to treat them with a unique present or snack after each activity as a reward for all their hard work throughout the day. This will encourage them even more than just getting some rest time after school or on weekends!
  • Sleep: Lastly but not least (that’s not even a word), make sure that they get enough sleep every night before starting a new day of fun adventures in order…


We understand that not all kids have the same interests, but if you try to incorporate the activities above into your child’s life, they will have fun and learn a lot along the way. You should always ensure that each activity is appropriate for their age and maturity level, though!